Here you will find an archive of our events and previous website.

The Engine for MRO Tomorrow - Oct 2018

HAESL’s Mick Brown talks to the Branch on HAESL’s prepartion for the TRR Trent XWB.

The Cheetah is in the Air - Oct 2018

15 lucky members visit GFS’s newest Airbus H175 SAR helicopter.

JK Swire Annual Dinner & Lecture - November 2018

Bob Bell, Renault Sport Racing spoke to sold out annual dinner & lecture.

Aviation Quiz - Dec 2018

Congratulations to Mustang, our quiz champions of 2018!

Understanding Aviation Meteorology - May 2018

HKO William Shum delights the audience on aviation weather & the role HKO plays.

GE9X Design – Advancing with Technology - June 2018

Patrick Donnellan, talks to us about “GE9X Design – Advancing with Technology.”

2018 DBF Simulator Session -  July 2018

Our 2018 Design Build Fly Champions, Infinity, finally took to the skys with their champion prize.

Annual General Meeting - Aug 2018

The PolyU ASRC hosted our AGM.  There were a number of committee changes, including our Chairman.

2018 Boeing & IVE Design Build Fly - Mar 2018

Congratulations to Infinity who are our Boeing & IVE  Design Build Fly Champions.

Aerodynamics in Action - Apr 2018

Bob Bell shared an inspiring story on his career as an F1 aerodynamist.

2018 Careers in Aviation - May 2018

Around 20 teachers and now included PTA parents to attend our careers in aviation programme.

The Next Generation Flight Deck – Gulfstream G500 - May 2018

Brett Rundle of Gulfstream shares the latest flight innovations on their new G500.

2017 Aviation Quiz - Dec 2017

Congratulations to Latest Pilot who are our Aviation Quiz Champions.

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Airbus A350 Field Trip - Jan 2018

30 members were able to visit Airbus’s latest A350-1000.

Boeing 777X Connectivity - Feb 2018

Boeing’s Tim Anstey, shares his world on connectivity developments on the latest 777X with the connectd world. 

B787: The most innovative and efficient airplane in the sky - Mar 2018

Boeing is back, Chris Tasche, Twin Aisle Model Leader, Product Marketing, and this time we are going to hear about the latest innovations on the all composite 787.

Next Generation of Aviation Professionals - Oct 2017

IFA CEO, John Vincent is in Hong Kong, to discuss how we prepare for the future and challenges facing delivering safety.

2017 JK Swire Annual Dinner & Lecture - Nov 2017

David “Monty” Montenegro, Red One, and Michael Bowden delights the audience with their stories from the RAF, Red Arrows Acrobatic Team.

Airbus A350 Flight Test Campaign - Aug 2017

Captain Hugues VAN DER STICHEL, Airbus experimental test pilot, who lecture on the A350 flight test campaign and what it takes to test and certify Airbus’s latest model.

2017 AGM & Lecture - Aug 2017

AGM & Landing Gear Design, From the Past to the Future lecture.