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Confident Travel Initiative
9 Feb 2021

This webinar was rescheduled from December, 2020.

Our Branch Chairman, Mr Neil Glenn, remarked that in times of COVID, the committee was challenged but striving to bring webinars, as an alternative to our traditional lectures.  The next one will be delivered by Rolls Royce on the famous Battle of Britain icon, Spitfire.

Domestic air travel slowly begins to return to near normal levels and international restrictions rapidly change around the globe. Health and safety remains Boeing's top priorities for their teams who design, build and service the airplanes and all those who fly on them.

Thomas Anderson, Boeing Director of Product Marketing for 787 and the Confident Travel Initiative shared with our members, the Boeing’s Confident Travel Initiative (CTI) and what it means to the industry.

40 members were shown the science behind health in the cabin, the technologies tested and how this is bigger than Boeing, and an international collaboration from every spectrum of the industry.

You can view the presentation by hitting the button below.