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Secrets of Mapping & photogrammetry UAS

29 January 2018, 6pm

We had to unfortunately postpone our last drone lecture. We are now bringing back, this lecture with leading French drone maker, Parrot.

Their HK business partner, Mr YS Wong, will to talk to us about drone mapping, photography & their role in aviation. He will also talk about the drone laws and regulations which are appearing all over the world to manage drone operations.

Put the date in the diary,

Date and time : 29 January, 2019, 6pm
Venue : Cathay City Auditorium.

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Challenges and Promises of Big Data Maintenance Solutions for Commercial Aircraft

15 January 2019, 6pm

2019 is now almost upon us and we Paul Neff of Honeywell Air Traffic Management Initiatives, will talk us about the leading technology of predictive maintenance.

Traditional aircraft maintenance and trouble shooting expertise has been a combination of aircraft and equipment OEM training, on-line and shop experience, and trial and error (with numerous examples of an anomaly exhibiting itself in one LRU, but with a root cause found in another connected device) and at experienced operators what some affectionately call tribal knowledge.

With the developments of advanced systems, industrial software design, development, testing and certification standards, and with the dawning of the so-called big data era, aerospace equipment suppliers have and are developing big data and analytic solutions to enhance the maintenance of those equipments. There is a growing expectation that these big data/analytics era will bring greater efficiencies, better fault-finding techniques, prescriptive maintenance capabilities and predictive (and therefore maintenance action avoidance) capabilities. These promising developments are not without their challenges and associated learning curves.

This lecture seeks to address so-called connected maintenance solutions via big data and analytics capabilities, using Honeywell equipment examples to provoke thinking and discussion on both the promise and challenges of these developments in the aerospace business arena.

Date and time : 15 January, 2019, 6pm
Venue : Cathay City Auditorium.

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Aviation Quiz 2018 

10 December 2018, 6:30pm - EVENT IS FULL

Christmas is upon us and that means Aviation Quiz.  Last year the event was oversubscribed in less than a week so we know this event is very popilar.  Members will have priority for this event

Pit your wits against other teams and be challenged by our quiz master.   There are some great aviation prizes for our winning teams.

Form a team of four and register at the link below.  Give us your team name, team members’ name, email and phone contact.

If you are in full time education, the entry fee is HKD250 per team.  For all other teams, entry fee is HKD500 per team.

Food and beverage is included.

Date and Time : 10 December 2018, 6:30pm
Location : Aviation Club, Sung Wong Toi Road, Kowloon City