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Aviation legends – honouring and sharing
20 May 2021 - 7pm

Our next webinar is from Gus Larard, who flies military aircraft in airshows across Australia.

Gus will share his experiences in flying and maintaining these wonderful machines and participating in these air displays.

Gus has been a Cathay Pacific Airways captain for 30 years, and currently serves as Director Flight Operations at Air Hong Kong. Gus believes that anyone can achieve their dreams if they set their mind to it, and that a team can achieve their dreams if they trust themselves and their leaders. Gus’s own passion is any form of flying – he has flown fighters in the Royal Australian Air Force, including a stint with the U.S. Navy. As an approved low level display and formation pilot, he has led and flown a variety of warbird aircraft in airshows in Australia and across the USA. As well as functioning as a check and trainer on most Cathay Pacific aircraft types, he is also licensed to fly business jets, helicopters and paragliders, and is a general aviation flying instructor.

Piloting History- from the Spitfire to the electric ACCEL
11 March 2021, 7:30pm

From flying safely, to our next webinar.

Rolls Royce’s Phill O’Dell is going to share his experience flying a World War 2 Battle of Britain legend, the Supermarine Spitfire and then bang up to date, the Rolls Royce ACCEL, the fastest electric aircraft.

Phill O’Dell is currently the Director of Flight Operations for Rolls Royce plc.  He has flown a wide variety of aircraft varying from the Rolls Royce powered MK XIX Spitfire, via the Airbus A380, and Boeing 787 through to the iconic Vulcan, XH 588.

This Webinar uses Micorsoft Teams.  We strongly suggest you download and install Microsoft Teams onto your device and test the Webinar link beforehand to ensure a troublefree lecture

Confident Travel Initiative Webinar
10 February 2021, 1pm

This lecture was originally planned in December 2020, but rescheduled due to technical issues.

Domestic air travel slowly begins to return to near normal levels and international restrictions rapidly change around the globe. Health and safety remains Boeing's top priorities for their teams who design, build and service the airplanes and all those who fly on them.

Thomas Anderson, Boeing Director of Product Marketing for 787 and the Confident Travel Initiative will share with our members, the Boeing’s Confident Travel Initiative (CTI) and what it means to the industry. Boeing will include new material as the CTI continually evolves.

This Boeing lecture uses WebEx.  Members should install and test the WebEx app before the lecture start time.