JK Swire Annual Dinner and Lecture

18 November 2022

The Dinner was a celebration for the branch, its members and the Hong Kong aviation industry that Hong Kong is back after a 3 year absence.

Moving to a new venue, the New World Millennium Hotel, was host to this very special event.

The Branch would like to thank our sponsors, Airbus, The Boeing Company, Cathay Pacific Airways, GE, HAECO and HAESL for their generosity.

The event was sold out and the members were enthralled by the inspiring story of Kevin Arblaster, with his lecture 

 "I Can’t Fasten Buttons; However, I Can Fly an Aeroplane.”

Due to a lack of oxygen at birth, had left Kevin Arblaster with Cerebral Palsy. Within those first five minutes the course of Kevin’s life had changed considerably.

Due to his disability, it was decided that a school for the disabled would be more suited for Kevin’s needs. Being at this kind of school didn’t set up the pupils for academic success. Instead, it gave them just enough life skills to use a simple shopping list.

However, Kevin had different ideas. With the introduction of microcomputers, he found an academic path. However, his journey into employment was never easy.

Kevin had discovered an interest in aviation from a very young age, whether it was the next door’s neighbour taking him to the local airport or flying a flight simulator on the home computer. In 1998, Kevin made his first flight in a light aircraft. Little did he know over the next 24 years where it would lead him.

Kevin told his story, describing key moments which shaped his life and led him to be a qualified pilot. 

It was facinating story, that resonates with Hong Kong’s “Can Do” philosophy. See you next year!