Boeing 777X Connectivity

7 February, 2018

The Branch was very fortunate to secure Tim Anstey, Boeing Chief Architect of Cabin and Network Systems, to speak to us about ‘Connectivity’ on the B777X. Not only is this an exciting aircraft to be discussing but we believe the subject is also a very important aspect of modern aviation and one that is set to become even more so in the future.

We all live in a connected world and expect to be connected at all times and on-board passenger connectivity is already a major product differentiator between airlines. At the same time, the ability to connect to aircraft with ground through new technologies is revolutionising many processes in flight operations, maintenance, and engineering. As such we expect this topic to appeal to industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Our speaker, Tim Anstey, leads a cross-functional team responsible for product strategy and integration of airplane information systems. He is a 22-year veteran of Boeing, and has spent the past decade designing and integrating system software and applications for the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and Onboard Network System across the Boeing fleet. Within industry, he was the technical focal for development of the Air Transport Association Electronic Logbook Interoperability specification and a representative on the ARINC EFB Sub-committee. In addition to his industry activities, Tim serves as Boeing’s representative to EASA for EFB regulatory activities. Mr. Anstey is a graduate of the University of Washington, Seattle with a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. Before joining Boeing, his responsibilities included software design and development of consumer and business products for various companies within the Puget Sound region and in Washington State.