New Regulatory Regime for the Operations of Small Unmanned Aircraft in Hong Kong
9 December 2021

NOTE : This event was organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers, Aircraft Division

Around 100 members of HKIE and RAeS attended the lecture supported by many more online.

In recent years, small unmanned aircraft (“SUA”), more commonly known as “drone”, has been gaining popularity both in Hong Kong and worldwide. The uses of SUA range from recreation and STEM education to professional deployment for powerline inspection, surveying, 3D mapping, search and rescue operations, aerial photography and filming, drone shows, etc. The new SUA Order will provide a forward-looking regulatory regime that can foster the innovative development and application of SUA in Hong Kong in tandem with evolving technology, while safeguarding aviation and public safety.

This talk introduced the new SUA regime which will be regulated under a risk-based approach. Based on the weight of the SUA and the operational risk level, SUA operations of different risk levels will be subject to the corresponding regulatory requirements. The talk also covered the facilitating measures provided to the engineering discipline under the new SUA regime.

Finally Mr Robert Taylor, shared SUA application by Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airways in the assisting maintenance and facilitating aircraft inspections.