Chairman’s Report 2016

The lecture programme is diverse and Dewey Yee, shared with members the development of aircraft leasing in Hong Kong. The Branch, is proud to have been able to host Boeing’s Randy Tinseth, who normally briefs financial institutions on the Boeing Global Forecast. Leading figures in the Boeing organisation, Bob Feldmann, lectured on the development of the 777X, and Keith Levekuhn, on the latest 737Max.

James Bender, a regular on our Branch lecture programme, this time, lectured on how airlines manage their networks and fleets.

Around the World Balloonist, Brian Jones, was our guest speaker at the JK Swire Annual Dinner and Lecture, delighting us with his personal tales of this record breaking journey.

Other lectures included Air Accident Investigation by the HKCAD, and Bob James, lectured on the latest developments in the world on the aircraft end of life management, and how Flight Simulation has developed with John O’Hallaron.\

Engaging the community is a pillar of the Branch, and we continue to run our career teacher tours, in co-operation with the Education Bureau, visiting HAECO and HAESL.

Looking forward, and tying in with the first delivery of an Airbus A350 to Hong Kong, Simon Galpin, will be speaking on the A350 aerodynamics and a few weeks later, there will a field trip to the A350.

Most importantly, the Branch’s success is due to the membership and also the hard work of the committee.

Mr Robert Taylor stepped down from the committee as Membership Secretary, and the Chairman thanked Mr Taylor for his contribution to the Branch.

Mr Nuwan Kamaragoda, was elected as the Membership Secretary

All other committee members were elected for the session 2016/2017.